How It Works


A Ground-Breaking New Material

Water moves through HydroBlox because it is the path of least resistance.  That sounds simple enough, but the secret sauce is proprietary technology resulting from years of R&D. 

Think of it like this:

Traditional drainage relies on trenches filled with gravel through which water travels, accumulates at the bottom of the trench and then moves into a pipe via holes located every 3 inches in the pipe and is then carried away.

Think about that! 

A good-sized trench, a lot of gravel and pipe, all to get water to make its way into a few holes in the pipe.  So, for example, in a 2-3 foot deep trench there are only approximately 4 inches of open space for water intake for every linear foot of trench!  (1/2” holes, every 3” on each side of pipe).  Visualize that and let it sink in!  It’s not efficient.

If you think of the surface area of the pipe, that means that only approximately 2.7% is open for water intake.  (That’s not counting all the cubic space of gravel needed to get the water to those holes.)

That’s like getting a paper towel to clean up a spill, but only using the tip of one corner of the towel.  Not an efficient solution. 

But, it was invented in 1859.  It was innovative then, but this it the 21st century!


HydroBlox – a superior water management and drainage solution

There’s got to be a better way!

Every square inch of a Hydroblox plank pulls in and carries water. 

Each panel is 2” x 9” and comes in 8’ and 40” lengths, and the sides, top and bottom, all surface areas of the Hydroblox plank pull water in and convey it to where you want it to go. 

That’s why aggregate isn’t needed to convey water to openings in a pipe.  In effect, the entire surface area of a Hydroblox plank is an opening for water intake.  It’s like a sponge effect.

HydroBlox is an advanced material manufactured from 100% recycled plastics. It is extremely strong with a compression strength of nearly 40,000 lbs. / sf.  Our proprietary process creates an exceptionally porous plastic that can filter and direct the flow of water, using surface tension unique to the product. The irregular pattern which makes up each HydroBlox plank provides small spaces inside the board for the water to pass through. This weave is tight enough and the material porosity tiny enough that silt or soil are not able to infiltrate and clog the plank.  But, water flows freely.  

Each Hydroblox plank or panel has a capacity roughly equal to that of a 4” pipe.  Its drainage / flow rate is 39.47 gallons / minute / sq. ft. (If greater water capacity is needed, simply add panels.  All they have to do is touch.  Easy installation.)

 HydroBlox maintains permeability, requires little to zero post installation maintenance and can easily be added to or reused as part of any future site developments.

Supported by 3rd party accredited performance data and independent specialist laboratories, our technology is able to deliver superior surface and sub-surface water management solutions, significant cost savings and long-lasting benefits.


HydroBlox truly is an underground gutter system.

Read on to discover more about HydroBlox, or click through to our Resources section to download more detailed technical information.

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