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Compare to Traditional Drainage

Simple Math: 120 inches vs. 4 inches. Which is the larger number?

i. Each linear foot of a HydroBlox board offers 120 inches of surface area that can intake water.

ii. Each linear foot of a 4” French drain pipe only has 8 small holes that can intake water. That’s only 4 inches of surface area vs. 120 inches.

French drains rely on slope and a big trench filled with gravel with a pipe near the bottom of the trench. Trenches are usually at least 2 feet deep and 6 to 8 inches wide.

Water fills from bottom up into small holes in the bottom of a pipe. There are 8 holes, 1/2” in diameter, per 1 ft. of pipe.

Doing the math, that means only 2.7% of the surface area of the (4”) pipe can intake water.

Worse, that means that all the work to dig a big trench filled with many wheelbarrows of gravel is just to facilitate water seeping into a few small holes.

That’s extremely inefficient. But, it was innovative in 1859

For The Homeowner Diy'er

It’s still digging and getting dirty. But, hydroblox makes doing drainage as diy-doable as possible.

For The Contractor

Less labor, big equipment not needed, faster job completion, less property disturbance, and a better performing solution = ability to handle more jobs, less worker concerns, and happy clients.

Better Performance, Easier & Faster Installation, Won’t Clog, Lower Cost, Less Property Disruption