Drainage Technology Solutions Featured in Waste360: HydroBlox’s Innovative Approach

Drainage Technology Solutions Featured in Waste360

Drainage Technology Solutions Featured in Waste360: HydroBlox’s Innovative Approach

Drainage Technology Solutions recently appeared in Waste360, the top national publication on waste management and recycling. The in-depth article, “How HydroBlox Tackles Hard-to-Recycle Plastics and Stormwater Problems,” highlighted our partnership with HydroBlox and showcased our active promotion and installation of sustainable drainage solutions.

Waste360 Article Overview

HydroBlox Technologies has revolutionized stormwater drainage with its innovative products made from 100% recycled plastics, particularly the hard-to-recycle types (#3-7). Ed Grieser, CEO of HydroBlox, emphasized the superior performance, affordability, and longevity of their products compared to traditional French drain systems.

Grieser described HydroBlox products as boards composed of thousands of compressed plastic “noodles.” Installed underground, they excel in absorbing vast amounts of water, redirecting it to aquifers or other intended destinations. Their flagship product, HydroPlanks, can channel rainfall at a rate of 14 gallons per minute, all while filtering impurities.

HydroBlox’s properties make it an ideal alternative to traditional gravel and pipe French drains for both commercial and residential properties.

Beyond common drainage applications, HydroBlox is also functioning beneath stretches of the Appalachian trail, highways, sports arenas, and railroad tracks. They play a pivotal role in controlling erosion in numerous infrastructure settings. And, due to its unmatched strength, despite its lightweight, HydroBlox is ideal for high-demand civil applications.
Being based in Pennsylvania, HydroBlox first became known east of the Mississippi, with distributors, contractors, and homeowners recognizing the potential and sustainability of HydroBlox products.

Spotlight on Drainage Technology Solutions

“Then an intrigued distributor on the West Coast brought the new innovation to other box stores, actually launching a contracting company to do installs and to build the market in that region.”

In an era where sustainability and circularity are paramount, HydroBlox stands as a beacon, converting 100% of the plastic it receives into functional products.

For a deeper understanding and to explore more on this topic, please read the full article on Waste360.

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