Hill Side Stabilization

An Unparalleled Hillside Stabilization Solution

Our versatile technology provides you with an unparalleled system of water management solutions that solve your bank stabilisation challenges with ease. Mitigate against the harmful risks of erosion and landslides, save costs and secure long lasting benefits for your investment and the environment

Protect Your Investment

Whether it’s a residential hillside or a huge gas pipeline hillside, the lightweight and high-strength structure of our planks make hydroblox the ideal solution material to solve bank stabilization and erosion challenges. 

The cost of addressing bank stabilization using traditional methods can run into tens of thousands. It is a labor intensive process and may need to be revisited several times during the lifetime of an installation. 

Hydroblox has an unparalleled and proven solution to mitigate against the ever present danger presented by the land surrounding your home or industrial site. Already adopted by major oil and gas line engineers, it will minimize the risk of soil erosion and landslides, rejuvenate damaged land and save time (weeks of time on large projects). 

Hydroblox is lightweight, compact, easy to store and transport, with no requirement for large trenches, gravel, sand, aggregate, fittings or fabric barriers 

Instead, walls (curtain drains) of hydroblox are installed into trenches. This significantly reduces ground disturbance, and eliminates the need for large scale excavation/ earth removal in and around your site.