Hillside Erosion

Effectively managing waterflow emanating from within a hillside and surface water flowing down the face of hillsides is a difficult task

Typical tactics include netting, culverts and swales, and terracing.

What makes hydroblox so well suited for hillside stabilization and erosion control are the following features:

  • It’s lightweight and easy to handle on difficult to traverse and negotiate hillsides.
  • Hillsides are not conducive to using heavy equipment, and heavy equipment isn’t required to install HydroBlox.
  • The boards can be built into “curtain drains” as high as needed by simply fastening boards together, one on top of the other. The largest curtain drain (that we know of ) was used to cure a major landslide AT a gas pipeline in Ohio. A 32 ft. high “curtain” of HydroBlox planks was built and pinned to the cliff-like hillside before dirt was backfilled. Years later, the hillside is stable and draining well.
  • HydroBlox is a perfect compliment to typical hillside stabilization and erosion control tactics as listed above. The HydroBlox becomes the drainage solution for terraces, culverts, and swales.
  • Imagine HAULING aggregate (gravel, rock) up a hillside without heavy equipment. 5 GALLON BUCCKETS ARE USUALLY THE ANSWER. And, remember that in many locations, heavy equipment isn’t an option.
Hillside Erosion Remediation Drainage