Perimeter Drainage

An Analogy For Perimeter Drainage Around A Structure, Be It A Home Or A Commercial Building, Is That The Drainage System Is Like A Castle’s Moat

In a drainage application, hydroblox is installed between the building and the source of water, which could be a hillside sloping toward the home, incorrect grading that slopes property toward the structure, an uphill neighbor’s water draining to your property (very common), etc.

Drainage problems can also arise simply from rainfall.

If stormwater has nowhere to go, if no drainage system (that works) is in place, water may just stay generally where it lands, then soak into the soil, and then cause problems.

At best, those problems can be a nuisance soggy yard.

A much more serious problem commonly happens with this scenario: water finds its way into the crawlspace and this can lead to a host of costly, and possibly harmful problems. (foundation issues, mold, musty smell, etc.)

For houses on slabs, water can find its way into the living space.

Effective perimeter drainage is a must-have

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