Is This DIY Doable?


Can homeowners, DIY’ers install their own drainage solutions?

The simple answer is, “Yes”!  (In many cases.)

All projects are different and in many cases having a professional’s expertise dedicated to your problem(s) will prove invaluable.  Because of the wide variety of drainage issues, each homeowner really needs to assess whether his / her skills and time available can get the job done.

That said, for straight-forward water management needs, many homeowners would do be able to do the projects themselves. 

The typical installation involves digging a trench 2-4 inches wide and approximately 12” deep spanning the area where you want to move water from to where you want the water carried.  Into that trench is inserted the HydroBlox planks.  Each plank only needs to touch the other for water to be conveyed from one to the next.  The top soil is replaced and will provide at least 3” of soil above the plank.

Solutions include not only carrying water from one area to another, but also several other critical applications.

Visit the Gallery and Applications pages for more information and inspiration.

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