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Hi Pete,

Well we’ve certainly tested the Hydroblox system this year with all the rain and snow and I’m pleased to say it has been up to the task. So far, so good!

Thanks for checking in!



Still working great, even after those torrenKal rains – never had a clog and they seem to suck everything up!

Bill G. - 2023 Update

Oakland, CA

I am very pleased with the performance of my HydroBlox system. It did exactly what I hoped it would do in terms of dispersing water run-off from both my uphill neighbor’s driveway and our own driveway.

After your HydroBlox installation, we had a garden and patio installed in front of our cottage. As you and I had planned, your HydroBlox installation was deep enough to not conflict with the patio as it was being built.

Good luck with your business. You are distributing a great product!


Bill G. - 2019

Oakland, CA

Dear Pete,

I am writing to thank you again for your excellent fix of the drainage issues around my house in Oakland. Your design and installation of Hydroblox water storage boxes and water flow pathways worked just like you said they would and tamed the excess water on my property!

My uphill neighbor’s gutter runoff used to sheet across their driveway and under my house. Likewise, my own house’s gutter runoff used to funnel down my driveway and pour onto my downhill neighbor’s property, scouring a hole under the fence.

After the recent heavy rains in the Bay Area, I am astonished to see the soil in the crawlspace under my house is now dry to the touch! I expected a good result, but this exceeded even my highest expectations. The Hydroblox pathway and boxes you installed on the uphill side of my house successfully diverted my neighbor’s runoff around my house and into the Hydroblox storage boxes at the back of my yard.

Similarly, due to the Hydroblox storage boxes and pathway you installed on the downhill side of my house, my house’s runoff no longer dumps into my downhill neighbor’s yard at a single point. During the recent storms, the rainwater flow coming off my driveway literally seemed to disappear! Mind you, my runoff still flows downhill; but, at least now it does it in a much less intrusive manner.

Thanks again for your help. I am a totally satisfied customer!



San Jose, CA

Hi Pete, hope you are well.

While I don’t have any metrics to confirm how well the blox are working, I do have a gutter drain abutted to a hydroblox line and it hasn’t backed up, so I know the water is going somewhere.

No puddles anywhere that there are drains either – a successful deployment as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for asking!



The Hydroblox have been effective in diverting water/rain/snow from my sloped lawn away from the foundation. No more standing water at the foundation! And my dogwood tree is getting needed water. Thank you Pete for all your help.



Hi Pete,

Attached are photos of how the Hydroblox performed during a heavy rain period. Forecast was of three heavy days of rain, so I made a trip up to “my dad’s beach house” just to observe the drainage issues on the property. Since I am rarely there when it rains, I didn’t know what the drainage pattern was. Concern was around the new shed built and the slope and water runoff. Neighbor said prior to shed that area would get flooded (hence the reasoning for putting in drainage system). I had plans of putting a rain gutter up on the back side (along with Hydroblox) so as to address my neighbor’s water concerns, however, the Hydroblox worked so well, I won’t need to put any up, and it solved the other water running in that area from the neighbors’ yards. I have a few other areas with severe flooding issues that need to be addressed (as shown in a couple extra pictures) and looking at using Hydroblox. Am amazed at how well they worked. The whole area where the Hydroblox were installed, did not have any water build up, I even went out at different times when it was pouring down rain (even at night with a flashlight) to check on drainage and water patterns.

I had dug down 1 foot and set two rows, then filled area with drainage rock to level (I didn’t want to fill in area with dirt). Eventually, I will be finishing that area off with landscape fabric and decorative rock once all other work is done.

Glad I discovered this product, it is amazing.


Fred G.

Grange Debris Box and Wrecking Co., Inc.

I’ve been in business over 60 years in several areas, including demolition, grading, and real estate development. Our projects have ranged from single family homes to multi-million dollar, large scale commercial. I’m always interested in learning and utilizing new methods and products for solving problems.

In that time, I have never seen a product or drainage solution drain and move water as effectively and at such high volumes as HydroBlox. It even works well over a level surface, without the need for slope. It seems to defy gravity and can even drain uphill. I believe that in time as contractors and engineers become more aware of it, HydroBlox will become a new standard in drainage because of how well it works and how much easier, faster, more efficient, and less expensive it is to install. The labor savings alone, with no gravel and big ditches to excavate, and trench spoils to remove is substantial.

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for tackling complex, big problems in Northern California and have completed many landslide mitigations, hillside stabilization, compromised foundations, and property grading challenges. In most of these projects, water management problems and poor or non-existent drainage have been underlying causes for what turned into expensive
problems. Suffice it to say that I have extensive experience with water management and drainage challenges.

I learned about HydroBlox because it was already installed before I got involved in a large landslide remediation project. When I saw how much water was draining through the material and that the installation was over a level run, I was very impressed. The project’s soils engineer and our sub-contractor also became fans. We decided to also use it at that site for drainage behind an 8 ft. high retaining wall built with steel I beam Soldier Piles buried 10 ft. deep. Water is draining steadily from behind that wall and that is also over a level run.

In addition to my firsthand experience with the product, I’ve done a lot of research on HydroBlox, including speaking with the local distributor and the product’s inventor.

I wholeheartedly offer this testimonial.



Marin County, CA

I can’t say enough good things about Pete and his Drainage Technology company. We started off inquiring about a solution for gutter runoff and my internet search led me to Hydroblox and subsequently Drainage Technology. Besides a solution for the gutter runoff, Pete pointed out many more severe and consequential drainage problems on our property’s hillside, which had been unaddressed for decades. He methodically put together a proposal to address each of them. He is terrific at explaining how the product works and saves money compared to traditional French drainage systems. It has been a smart investment, especially as climate change brings heavier rains to our region, threatened mudslides and property damage in our area. I haven’t regretted the investment one iota! I was so impressed with the Hydroblox product (and Pete) that I’d sing his praises anywhere. He is very hands-on and went above and beyond in every instance. He literally saved our hillside and I owe him a debt of gratitude.

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