How To Install

Installing HydroBlox Is Much Faster And Easier Than Any Other Drainage System

One material vs. Three. No pipe, fittings, aggregate, or geotextile filter fabric

Installing HydroBlox

HydroBlox Curtain Drains

When a solution calls for water to be captured and drained over a large vertical area, we build what we call “curtain drains”. 

These are usually built by stacking the boards on top of each other to the height (depth) desired. Curtain drains can also be built by orienting the boards on end. With each board being 7 ½ feet long, you can quickly cover a lot of surface area. 

Because HydroBlox is 75% lighter than aggregate, the difference between using gravel vs. a HydroBlox curtain drain for a deep drainage application is night vs. day.