Compare to Traditional Drainage

HydroBlox Vs. Traditional Drainage

When comparing HydroBlox and traditional drainage methods, the difference is stark. Let’s break it down:

Surface Area for Water Intake:

  • HydroBlox: Each linear foot of HydroBlox provides an astounding 120 inches of surface area designed for water intake.

  • Traditional 4” French Drain Pipe: This offers only 8 minor holes for water absorption, equating to a mere 4 inches of surface area per linear foot.

How They Function:

  • French Drains: These conventional systems heavily rely on a slope and demand a substantial trench filled with gravel. Typically, these trenches are around 2 feet in depth and span 6 to 8 inches in width. As water begins to fill the trench, it’s then absorbed through small holes located at the base of the pipe. With only eight half-inch holes present in every foot of the pipe, merely 2.7% of the pipe’s surface area actively intakes water. To simplify, a majority of the effort expended in digging and filling large trenches with gravel aims to aid water seepage through these few limited holes.

  • HydroBlox: On the other hand, HydroBlox acts like an underground sponge or gutter, absorbing water from all directions – top, bottom, and both sides. There’s no reliance on slopes, deep trenches, or gravel. Its design ensures optimal water intake and distribution without the need for cumbersome methods or heavy machinery.

Efficiency and Evolution:

The traditional drainage methodology, though deemed innovative back in 1859, pales in comparison to the efficiency HydroBlox offers today. Where traditional methods involve labor-intensive procedures, wheelbarrows filled with gravel, and significant groundwork, HydroBlox delivers a seamless, efficient, and modern solution.

As we step into an era where efficiency and sustainability are key, the choice between HydroBlox and traditional drainage methods becomes clear. HydroBlox not only surpasses in terms of water intake and distribution but also provides an environmentally friendly, hassle-free alternative for modern drainage needs.

HydroBlox Vs. Traditional Drainage
HydroBlox vs. Traditional Drainage: Better Performance, Easier & Faster Installation, Won’t Clog, Lower Cost, Less Property Disruption

For The Homeowner Diy'er

It’s still digging and getting dirty. But, hydroblox makes doing drainage as diy-doable as possible.

For The Contractor

Less labor, big equipment not needed, faster job completion, less property disturbance, and a better performing solution = ability to handle more jobs, less worker concerns, and happy clients.